Hi There.. We're Addic Shop!

 Launched in Jan 2015, AddicShop aims to be the ultimate destination for Super Affordable & HOT Street Fashion in India!
The Story:
Sitting in a computer lab in an engineering college two IT students, Venketesh (Vicky) and Ankit were discussing the fact that most of the Big Paris and Milan Brands are unafforadable for people like us and then we realized how much of street fashion is not available online at all! Whatever was available was almost certainly overpriced.
We had to solve this problem and there was only one thing to do, LAUNCH a Street Fashion shop! We truly believe in the fact that Brands have nothing to do with fashion - This is when the concept of 'Addic' was born, an Addic is anybody who believes that True fashion comes from the heart and lives on the streets!   An Addic is Addicted to Extreme Affordability and the absolute Latest Trends in Fashion!


When You Shop with Addic, You can rest assured of Top-Notch Customer Service! Go Ahead, Shop with Confidence!